Indra Agro-Tech Private Limited was established in 1995 with an objective of making state of the art modified derivatives based on various natural polymers unique to India.

The Company has a manufacturing facility in Dhule in Northern Maharashtra with latest technology, production capacity and accurate quality control equipment to meet the growing demands of domestic and international markets, the Head office of the company is located in Mumbai, Maharashtra India.

We at Indra Agro-Tech private Limited, consider Innovation as a continuous process for sustainable solutions and growth. The company invests in R&D to bring about cost-effective innovative solutions in various industries. The company has a fully equipped laboratory to assure the right quality every time.

Indra Agro-Tech Private Limited manufactures speciality additives from natural polymers for various industries; Textile, Paint, Construction, Oil and Gas, Explosives, Ceramics, Personal care, Mining, Paper industry.

The company manufactures cold water soluble Anionic & Non-ionic derivatives of Polygalatomannons, Hemicellulose (Xyloglucan), Amylum and other polysaccharides through a proprietary process which is unique to Indra Agro-Tech Private Limited.


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